Act Now

Act Now

Take Action Against Litter

What should Tennessee study?

The first-ever, state-led study of Tennessee’s litter problem begins. What problems do you see? What have you seen work before?

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Sign the litter petition.

Urge community leaders and elected officials to support reducing litter across our great state when you sign this petition.

person photographing litter

Share photos of litter.

Driving along the highway and spot litter? Enjoying a walk in the woods and stumble upon a random pile of trash? Show the world. Post them with the hashtag #WeWantTennesseeCLEAN or email them directly to us here.

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Interested in volunteering?

Whether you’re ready to get your hands dirty picking up litter or volunteer your time and voice to gather support, let us know how you want to support Tennessee CLEAN.

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Join the coalition.

Do you represent a business or organization that supports solving litter in Tennessee? Join the Tennessee CLEAN Coalition.

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