Tennessee CLEAN

Tennessee CLEAN

It’s time to fix litter pollution in Tennessee once and for all.

Litter by the numbers

Let’s face it. The impacts of litter are way more than an eyesore along roadsides and riverbanks. It’s time for a comprehensive approach to address the huge scope, scale, and intricacies of litter pollution in Tennessee.

Introducing Tennessee CLEAN

Tennessee CLEAN is a statewide anti-litter initiative created by Tennessee Wildlife Federation—an independent wildlife nonprofit.

The goal?

Bring new ideas and proven solutions to the problem of litter pollution while expanding the state’s already effective but under-resourced, programs. To get this done we need a unified approach that:

  • incentivizes litter prevention in a tangible way
  • supports manufacturing in Tennessee and beyond by providing the raw materials they need
  • reduces costs litter creates for farmers, businesses, and local governments
  • removes litter that is polluting water and habitats

How it works

Designed to be collaborative from start to finish, the Tennessee CLEAN movement proposes any work toward litter reduction goals be overseen by a Tennessee CLEAN Commission. Members are to be made up of representatives—from community leadership, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and more—so a meaningful solution can be created that works for everyone.

When it comes to solving litter. There’s no time to waste.

“There have been enough proposals over the years that look at at only one slice of the problem. Tennessee can’t let self-interest and the objections of a few stop a meaningful discussion on how to solve this problem—our water, wildlife and wild places are drowning in litter.”

Michael Butler, CEO of Tennessee Wildlife Federation

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